Euroleague Final Four

Euroleague Final Four

Fans can get closer than ever to the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four with the ground-breaking launch of a unique virtual reality experience for this month’s season finale in Cologne. The Final Four VR Pass will offer unprecedented up-close access to the on-court action, bringing home the emotions of the live event like never before. … Read more

YBVR, Verizon, and AWS

technology update

Businesses and developers can build and deploy applications with AWS Wavelength Companies as YBVR are already testing their edge solutions in AWS Wavelength zones at the edge of Verizon’s 5G network in multiple locations. Businesses and developers can build and deploy applications with AWS Wavelength at Verizon’s 5G Edge in three new locations: Atlanta, New … Read more

World Bowling

World Bowling Case Study

World Bowling and YBVR, the Silicon Valley immersive technology company, have announced a three-year partnership that will allow millions of fans to experience bowling like never before. YBVR, who has showcased its VR live streaming technology in top sports events like The Australian Open, will work with bowling’s international governing body to deliver the next … Read more

VR Control Room: enhancing traditional broadcast with the immersion and interactivity of VR

VR Headset Preview

Some Broadcasters are reluctant to test VR as a new format for their productions due to the effort it would suppose taking them to produce VR video content for every event they are covering. It is indeed a fair concern: current TV productions are already fairly complex: fixed cameras, moving cameras, drones, spider cams, analytics, … Read more

Transforming Video VR in an interactive experience

Instant Camera Change

Video VR has been blamed frequently for a lack of interactivity, then user retention was condemned to be lower than other VR experiences. In fact, the meantime of watching video VR experiences has been between 2 and 4 minutes (1:30 in this article, others go to 10 minutes as average). Anyway, three factors are key … Read more

VR headsets, where are you going?

VR Headset

We’ve had two important news related to VR headsets during the last weeks, making a relevant milestone in this industry. The VR path is changing, and we need to understand how we are facing the future to be ready to cope with the new scenario. First, the confirmation about the end of smartphone-VR in the … Read more

Laver Cup 2019

Laver Cup

Laver Cup global VR streaming with the highest video quality using YBVR tech An outstanding immersive experience for tennis fans to enjoy Laver Cup in Virtual Reality. The best VR video live experience will be broadcasted from the Laver Cup tournament: 8K at 60 frames per second video, with instant camera change from the user, … Read more

SEGITTUR and YBVR explore VR and 5G applications for tourism


SEGITTUR has selected Yerba Buena VR (YBVR) to deploy a VR tourism experience over 5G, included in the 5G-EVE project. SEGITTUR (Sociedad Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas, S.A.) attached to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and reporting to the National Department of Tourism, is responsible for … Read more