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Built for sports fans

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Built for sports fans

Xtadium is designed for enhancing the experience of sports fans by allowing them to sit in the front row of their favorite sporting events, change their seats anytime they want and check out statistics in real time. 

Enjoy with your friends

Private watch parties allow fans to experience sports with their friends from anywhere across the US. Giving them the chance to comment, play, stop and replay as if they were on the same sofa. 

Best video experience

Xtadium boasts the highest video quality, 8K is achieved by using our amazing patented technology, which gives the feeling of being there and makes the changes seamless.

Customized room for each brand

Unique, personalized sports rooms for each brand hosted on Xtadium. Putting the fans into customized zones, preparing them for what they are about to experience. 

monetization capabilities

Flexible monetization with options such as commercializing Virtual Tickets, creating revenue streams out of sponsorization and via authentication methods. 

production ready

Xtadium comes with an experienced production team that are always ready for action.

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