YBVR pushes boundaries, transforming live event streams into an immersive and social experience. Fans can enjoy superior video quality in 8K at the lowest bandwidth on any device!

Bringing live event emotions to fans at home.

Home for Sports in the VR and MR.

Low-latency solution for enhanced in-venue experiences.

Immerse Your Audience

Fans can enjoy multiviewing of immersive 360/180 and traditional 2D streams in a seamless and interactive experience, having full control over how to enjoy live events.

Cutting-edge streaming

Patented technology that optimizes the delivery of live streams with superior visual quality, working seamlessly at low-level bandwidth. Compatible across all devices.

End-to-End expertise

The only vertically integrated solution, with proven expertise across the board. Covering production, distribution, playback, applications and analytics.

Monetize your platform

Solutions to create new revenue streams such as virtual ticketing and boost existing ones such as subscriptions, gamification, sponsorship and advertising.