Xtadium was presented as a top MR use case for the new Meta Quest 3 headset

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Xtadium has received recognition at Meta Connect 2023, where prominent figures in the technology industry praised its contribution to the world of Mixed Reality (MR) for its fantastic use case that enhances the experience of watching sports from the comfort of home.

Xtadium presented at the Meta Connect 2023

Meta Connect, an annual event that brings together audiences from around the world to announce new advancements and releases by the tech giant, Meta, was the focus this year, with the launch of Meta Quest 3, the first MR glasses accessible and affordable to a massive global audience. MR provides immense value as it enables the blending of the physical and virtual worlds in previously unimaginable ways. To achieve this, the Meta Quest 3 boasts incredibly high-quality graphics processing and finely-tuned environmental and depth analysis, ensuring a remarkable user experience.

Xtadium, the app launched in November 2022, serves as a sports aggregator that transports fans to the front row of their favorite sporting events without leaving their homes. Now, in addition to providing the experience of teleporting to another location, the Xtadium team has made it so that the stadium comes to the fan. This involves bringing multiple floating screens into the user’s room, allowing them to arrange and customize their own multi-screen viewing setup. Furthermore, it facilitates watch parties where friends and family, even those far away, can watch their preferred live sports events together.

YBVR has placed a monumental bet on making Xtadium a key use case for MR, and as seen at Meta Connect, they’ve succeeded! It was presented by Meta’s leading figures as one of the primary use cases for the new glasses, particularly because it enables viewers to watch multiple live NBA games simultaneously.

Xtadium has transformed the way sports fans experience and enjoy sporting events by transporting them to the front row through its immersive streaming technology. This cutting-edge technology allows fans to experience the excitement of their favorite events like never before, all from the comfort of their homes.

The accompanying video to this press release showcases the various mentions and references to Xtadium during the event.

For more information, please contact: Valeria Gómez Giraldo valeria@ybvr.com

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