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YBVR extends TrialsNet invitation to European third parties such as verticals, companies (including SMEs), research centers or any other relevant entity, as well as facilities and infrastructure owners, to participate in its large-scale trials activities through the implementation of additional, diversified, and heterogeneous vertical use cases. The proposed use cases and trials should address one of the main areas identified by the project:

🗼 Infrastructure
🚝 Transportation
🔐 Safety & Security
🚑 eHealth and Emergency
🎭 Culture
🏟️ Tourism
🏀 Entertainment

Maximum financial amount support for each application is 200.000-300.000€

  • Open call launch: 16 Oct 2023
  • Proposal deadline: 19th January 2024
  • Expected duration of participation: 12 months

TrialsNet is giving the opportunity to the applicants of the Open Call to participate through two different options:

  • Option 1a) New use case(s) and field trials supported by one or more TrialsNet infrastructures in terms of platforms and network solutions, or b) improvement of its use case(s) by the integration of software applications, features, devices, new users, and datasets.
  • Option 2: New use case(s) leveraging on new additional field trial infrastructures such as experimental, private, and/or commercial network deployments.

Further details about TrialsNet sites and related infrastructures, use cases, and the project’s overall framework including KPIs/KVIs overview are reported in the documentation provided in the Support Material section.

For any further questions, applicants can contact the project at

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