Transforming Fan Engagement using Beyond 5G: YBVR Use Case in TrialsNet

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YBVR, a trailblazer in virtual reality (VR) technology, is one of the consortium partners of TrialsNet, an innovation project that received funding from European Union´s Horizon-JU-SNS-2022 Research and Innovation Programme,  that showcases various use cases that test the capacity and limitations of the upcoming beyond 5G. YBVR’s UC10 immersive fan engagement solutions are setting a new standard for live sports experiences, with low latency and immersive user experience. 

Traditional methods of engaging sports fans—such as live broadcasts, highlight reels, and social media interactions—are becoming increasingly insufficient in delivering the excitement and inclusivity fans crave. Modern fans demand more interactive and personalized experiences, which can make them feel as if they are part of the action, regardless of their physical location. 

YBVR’s technology addresses these demands by creating an unparalleled immersive experience. By integrating VR into live sports events, YBVR transforms how fans interact with their favorite sports teams and events. Although YBVR has already carried out this type of technology with Euroleague VR application, for Trialsnet, the same production will be used but using beyond 5g network dedicated for this trial.  

360-Degree Live Streaming 

YBVR offers 360-degree live streaming of sports events, allowing fans to feel as though they are sitting right in the stadium. Multi-device viewing, available in web, mobile, and VR headsets, fans can look around and soak in the atmosphere from various angles, enhancing their sense of presence and excitement. 

Multi-Angle Viewing 

Fans can switch between multiple camera angles, giving them control over their viewing experience. Whether it’s courtside at a basketball game, above the ring, or have a clear view of the scoreboard on the jumbotron, viewers can switch positions seamlessly without buffering. 

Trailsnet Beyond 5G Technology  

The integration of beyond 5G technology is a game-changer for YBVR’s platform. The enhanced bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and increased reliability of beyond 5G networks ensure that live VR streaming is smooth and uninterrupted. This technological advancement allows for higher quality video, faster data transfer, and a more immersive and responsive experience for fans. For this use case, YBVR actively participated in progress status meetings and system deployment and is partnering with Ericsson Spain to provide the network infrastructure, and collaboration from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Telefonica to execute the tests with real users. 

Apart from the current features of the Euroleague The implementation of beyond 5G technology in YBVR’s solutions offers several significant advantages: 

  • Ultra-High Definition Video: Beyond 5G enables streaming of ultra-high-definition video content, ensuring fans experience every detail in crystal-clear quality. 
  • Low Latency: With latency reduced to virtually zero, fans can enjoy real-time interactions and instant access to live stats and replays without delays. 
  • Scalability: Beyond 5G supports a higher number of simultaneous connections, meaning more fans can engage with VR content without compromising performance. 
  • Enhanced Interactivity: The increased network capacity and speed allow for more interactive and complex VR features, such as changing of position to view different angles, enhancing the overall fan experience.  

YBVR’s use case in TrialsNet exemplifies how the integration of VR and beyond 5G technology can transform fan engagement in sports. By providing immersive, interactive, and high-quality experiences, YBVR not only meets the evolving demands of modern sports fans but also sets a new benchmark for the industry. As technology continues to advance, the future of fan engagement looks incredibly promising, with endless possibilities for creating unforgettable sports experiences. 

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