Transforming Video VR in an interactive experience

Instant Camera Change
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Video VR has been blamed frequently for a lack of interactivity, then user retention was condemned to be lower than other VR experiences. In fact, the meantime of watching video VR experiences has been between 2 and 4 minutes (1:30 in this article, others go to 10 minutes as average). Anyway, three factors are key to move this figure up: interest, quality and interactivity.

Interest is key because VR is an experience that can be interrupted at any time. The user is the king. Then, a boring piece in the content is an open door to quit the experience. Also, the connection between content and user is basic, the interest is not in the content, it’s in the user, then to find the right content for every user (and the right user for every content) is a success strategy.

Quality (video and audio) is also key, because it gives the degree of immersion into the experience. YBVR is pushing VR video quality to the edge of technically available producing 8K@60fps video and applying its own technology of YBVR-FOV-adaptation to show the best quality using standard internet access connections for live and VoD content.

Interactivity is the last challenge to improve user retention in video VR. A wide portfolio of videos, a user-friendly menu, categories, recommendations… are techniques to ease the interaction of the user with the app, but it doesn’t get into the watching experience, once the video is playing.

YBVR has developed the instant camera change (ICC), it allows the user to change of point of view at any time while the video is playing. Using different video cameras in different positions, the user can jump from one to another camera without any interruption of the action. ICC introduces the interactivity in video VR, users are no longer passive watchers, they’re transformed in the producer of the video experience.

The effect on user retention is impressive. In live productions, watching time per user has moved from 7 minutes average to 22 minutes in Live events.

You can test by yourself the ICC effect in the Laver Cup VR App, available for OculusGo (here) and HTC Vive Focus (here), and comment in this post what has been your experience. Don’t miss it!

YBVR - Instant Camera Change (ICC)
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