YBVR selected by NEOTEC funding

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YBVR has been appointed to receive NEOTEC 2018 funds by CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial).

CDTI is the Spanish Government office focused on promoting innovation and technological development for enterprises in Spain, depending on Science, Innovation, and Universities Ministry.

NEOTEC is a CDTI program with the goal of supporting and empowering companies based on technology, for the development of products or services that require the use of technologies or knowledge developed from the research activity. With € 25 million funding, projects selected can receive up to € 250.000 to support OPEX and amortizations in one or two years.

YBVR Europe S.L., based in Madrid, presented the project “360 video optimization for streaming with dynamic FOV adaptation” and was selected, with other 93 companies, to receive funding supported by the NEOTEC program. A detailed description of the project, the marketplace analysis, and future forecast, and the state of the art in this technology was presented to NEOTEC, joining the 5-years business plan with commercial and financial analysis and planning.

NEOTEC has a hard selection process and YBVR is very proud to be included in this group of exclusive innovators. Most of these funds will be focused on research and software development to develop and deploy VR video streaming products and solutions for live and on-demand content, to build really immersive experiences based or video and virtual reality.

Actually, YBVR projects deployed along this year have confirmed immersive video possibilities in live sports broadcasting over the internet for entertainment, such as Australian Open, last January, or Mutua Madrid Open, last May, with close to 900 hours of viewing time.

We appreciate to CDTI and the Spanish Science, Innovation, and Universities Ministry for this appointment and support. We are committed to the evolution of immersive video experiences over the internet with virtual reality, a new way of entertainment, learning, leisure, and news reporting.

Subsidized by the CDTI and financed by the Spain National Budget in charge of the application 27.12.467C.74908.

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