What sports are in vr
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Virtual reality (VR) technology has been around for decades, but only recently has it become more accessible to the public. With the rise of VR headsets and other immersive technologies (like ours), it’s now possible to experience sports in a totally new way. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular sports that are now available in virtual reality.


Basketball in VR offers an immersive experience that allows you to view your favorite teams and engage with nearby fans, without ever leaving your home. For the Euroleague Final Four, YBVR’s technology created a unique narrative experience that featured new event emotions. Fans curated their own personalized experience, through a selection of games and 12 live feeds, including four 180-degree cameras on the backboards and courtside seats. Additionally, due to the safety protocols surrounding the global pandemic, the Final Four VR Pass monetized the event. Generating a large global audience and new revenue streams from virtual ticketing and subscriptions. 


Soccer is another sport that has been modified for virtual reality. There are a variety of different soccer experiences available, including vr match viewing, realistic simulations and arcade-style games. Users can practice their skills, play against friends and watch games, as if they’re really there! Additionally, immersive technology can be used to recreate the experience of attending games in the highest visual quality available!

In partnership with TELUS and MediaPro Canada, YBVR enhanced the Canadian Premier League’s digital content, through an interactive flexible solution that made matches accessible for all Canadians. Fans didn’t miss a thing, thanks to the streaming of live matches, on-screen analysis, and the flexibility of watching from incredible new camera angles!


In 2022, YBVR introduced NASCAR to the VR world, enabling fans to watch fast-paced, heartstopping, race action from the track! Utilising Meta’s Quest 2 virtual reality headset, we offered on-demand race recaps, providing viewers with a unique opportunity to interact with the sport. Guests were also able to interact with each other’s avatars in NASCAR’s room, which contained race highlights and behind-the-scenes content in 180 degrees!


Tennis has strongly embraced VR, with immersive streaming options available for major tournaments such as Wimbledon, US Open and the Laver Cup. You can also play on a real tennis court, challenge your friends and face professional tennis players using VR games such as First Person Tennis. 

For Wimbledon 2022, YBVR partnered with VODAFONE to offer a VR backstage experience, allowing visitors to step into the champions’ shoes and walk through The clubhouse and into Centre Court. Fans were closer to the action than ever before, with 360 degrees cameras next to the benches and 180 degrees at the edges of the court. Our unique Director’s Chair panel means audiences could select which view they want to enjoy at each moment, with the same choice capability that the Broadcast Director.


VR is the future of combat sports. Live and on-demand fights transport fans into an immersive environment, where they can see and speak with other fans in real-time, while enjoying 360-degree views of all the thrilling action! YBVR has worked with numerous combat sports, including the Lucha Libre, UFC and The Ray Events Boxing Night.

The term “Lucha Libre” denotes a type of professional wrestling that originates in Mexico. The luchadores, or Latin American wrestlers, perform acrobatic moves while donning colorful masks as they fly about the ring. Our VR experience offered 360-degree storytelling, showcasing all the greatest action, color and tradition of Lucha.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) offers live and on-demand mixed martial arts events in VR using Meta’s Horizon Worlds. YBVRs technology provides an unprecedented level of engagement for Fight Pass subscribers, with VR views of all the thrilling action, including strikes, takedowns and grappling. Fans can also enter an immersive environment where they can see and speak with other fans in real-time while enjoying 180-degree views!

Additionally, in 2018, exhilarating boxing matches were covered at the Ray Events Night. Delivering exclusive backstage access from the fighters locker room, weigh-ins and media day coverage.  


Bowling has utilized immersive technology to cover global events, such as the IBF Super World Championships. YBVR worked alongside World Bowling to provide a fan control experience for athletes and fans. Generating a new way of consuming and engaging with elite, para-bowling and academy content.  Users watched content via a multi-camera mobile platform in 2D, 180 and 360-degree views with supportive features, real-time statistics and scoreboards for the complete experience. Additionally, athletes and coaches were also able to benefit from a 360-degree replay of matches.

Indoor American Football

Indoor American football delivers gameplay action that is as realistic as it gets! Fan Controlled Football gives the audience a chance to take full control of the Indoor American Football League. First, fans decided on the rules of the game, then they seized control over the teams. With an engaging fan experience and an ultra-immersive broadcast, supplied by YBVR. A drone is used to follow the action, while 180° cameras were utilized to bring fans up close and personal with the players.


Despite being a watersport, surfing events from the World Surfing League are available in 2D on the Xtadium platform. Enhancing the coverage of tours and events, while celebrating the world’s best surfers across all disciplines. 

Winter Sports

VR enables winter sports fans to watch athletes flip, twist and spin above their heads! The winter X-Games coverage provided an opportunity to view the world’s best boarders and skiers up close, creating a new and better way for fans to interact with their favorite athletes.


As you can see, there are many different sports that have been adapted for virtual reality technology. From Basketball to Soccer. There’s something for everyone when it comes to experiencing sports in virtual reality! So if you’re looking for a new way to showcase your favorite sport, why not reach out and give us a try?

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