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Telefonica, Miss Caffeina and YBVR perform a Music VR experience, using Edge Computing technology and Adaptative FOV.

Telefónica and Spanish band Miss Caffeina combined music with technology in Music At The Edge, an initiative of Telefónica’s Global Innovation area that allowed over 100 people to live an immersive 360º video music experience. This experience was deployed using Edge Computing technology in Telefonica’s network and YBVR technology for the Virtual Reality experience in Movistar Riders offices in Madrid.

Music at the Edge involved streaming a concert by Miss Caffeina recorded in the highest quality 360º video format (8K@60fps) for the musical TV show Sesiones Movistar+, using YBVR technology. YBVR platform used Edge Computing putting the content closer to the users and improving response time for FOV adaptation. This allowed to the users to have the highest video quality using streaming video delivery.

As David del Val, Director of Core Innovation at Telefónica, pointed out, “new video formats such as 4K, 8K and videoVR/360° are beginning to become a reality. Telefónica wants to be at the forefront of technology, which means developing new services and video content, and also being prepared to meet the expected demand for these new formats. For this reason, we have begun to transform our network by betting on virtualization and Edge Computing, technology that we have been developing for nearly two years and users have experienced today”.

VR users could use instant camera change feature, choosing the camera to watch the experience, then the user could move from the center of the group to any of the other 4 cameras around the singers, without any stop or split in the experience.

Music at the edge - A music VR experience

From the home menu, the user feels at the center of the stage, surrounded by the artists, with 6 songs available to be enjoyed in the VR experience. VR video, evolving sound and instant camera change, offered a stunning experience of immersive music.

Next step is to extend this streaming experience to the home, when VR headsets become a popular gadget for entertainment.

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