Peter Hutton Joins YBVR to Guide Direct to Consumer Offering

Peter Hutton
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YBVR, a Silicon Valley based next generation sports broadcast company, have landed experienced media executive Peter Hutton to guide the company’s ‘direct to consumer’ offering.

YBVR operates the “game-changing” Xtadium  sports App available in the Meta Quest VR headset and work with the world’s top sports properties.

Hutton’s consultancy role sees him continue work with YBVR that began in his time as head of sport at Meta. Hutton was previously CEO of the biggest sports channels in Europe, Asia and the Indian sub-continent (Eurosport, ESPN-Star Sports and Ten Sports).

Hutton said ‘I’m delighted to be helping YBVR grow their business, as more and more fans enjoy the unique attraction of VR to have a real sense of presence at the world’s top sporting events’

‘We are honored to have Peter Hutton among us’, said Hector Prieto (CEO and Co-Founder of YBVR). ‘With the talent of Peter and his extended B2C experience, we are confident of our success. Working with Peter we will amplify our current leadership position as the best VR Sports app in the world’

About YBVR

Yerba Buena VR (YBVR) is the world leader in sports in VR, a Silicon Valley-based technology company whose main purpose is to bring emotions closer to sports fans by providing a unique experience that transports them to their favorite sporting events without leaving their homes. YBVR is a one-stop-shop that has been six years in the market for building the next generation of live immersive video experiences in VR/360, unleashing the potential of immersive broadcasting by providing unparallel immersive experiences to sports fans connected from anywhere with any device: mobile, web, TV, and, of course, XR devices.

About Xtadium

Xtadium is the Home for Sports in the Metaverse; it is the only VR App where fans can find different sports in branded virtual spaces (Xtadium rooms) with the content of each sports partner. Xtadium gives fans the opportunity of enjoying their favorite sporting events with their friends by introducing the watch party feature, which allows users to invite friends that are hundreds of kilometers away from them and watch different sports together, interacting with each other’s avatars and talking as if they were in the same room. Offering multiple camera angles, including 180°and 360° videos, replays, time-shifts, and real-time statistics, Xtadium is becoming the primary destination for watching live sports in the Metaverse.

For media inquiries please contact with Valeria Gomez (Head of Mktg & Communications) –

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